Nodejs support Azure Mobile apps, Apple ProRes support, Docker Swarm clusters on Azure.

This is general information on announcements / blogs / info on Azure on 2015-09-14. (They might be old the might be new.. things that caught my eye).

Announcing Node.js support for Azure Mobile Apps

"Last month, we announced significant update to the Mobile Apps feature of Azure App Service, that enabled developers to quickly build mobile backend APIs in .NET, add mobile features to their existing ASP.NET web apps, as well as add web pages to their .NET mobile backends. Today we are releasing a Node SDK for Azure Mobile Apps, extending similar experience to Node.js apps. This enables you to build and run mobile backends using Node.js on App Service, as well as add push notifications, mobile auth, offline sync and other mobile features and backend APIs to any Node.js app running on App Service. This SDK is released as Open Source under the MIT license and we welcome contributions from our community."

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Announcing support for Apple ProRes videos in Azure Media Services

"Today Azure Media Services is pleased to announce a significant new addition to our powerful cloud-based encoding and streaming video platform: Support for Apple ProRes videos. In addition to dozens of other source video formats already supported by the platform, you can now also upload your QuickTime source videos files that use Apple ProRes or other codecs. Once securely stored in the cloud, you can then use our Media Encoder Standard option to perform high quality cloud-based transcoding. When used in combination with Azure Media ServicesÔÇÖ ability to dynamically package multi-bit rate MP4 content, and our new cross-platform Azure Media Player client"

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3 reasons Microsoft should just buy Docker

Microsoft is no Apple, but it does have nearly $100 billion in cash lying around. There have been rumors that Docker could be available at the right price, and Microsoft has both the cash to afford the right price and the incentive to want to own Docker. A deal like that would have pros and cons, but lets take a look at three reasons a Docker acquisition makes senseat least for Microsoft.

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Using Docker Swarm clusters on Azure

"One of the demos I prepared for the Microsoft Azure Conference in Pune, India in March of 2015 was about running orchestration engines on Azure to manage clusters of hosts and containers using Docker Swarm. Docker Swarm, if you didn't know is a clustering solution for Docker containers from the open source Docker project. You should probably read the documentation to understand what Swarm does but in case you aren't in the mood or are just plain lazy then here's an extremely brief primer." More info @ Nerdworks Blogorama